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Building Services 

Lightweight Cladding Repairs and Restoration

R&N Building Services can repair and restore all lightweight cladding and acrylic render systems to buildings.

  • Framing repairs prior to cladding repairs and/or installation.

  • Cement sheet / Blueboard repairs and replacement prior to full render system application.

  • Polystyrene cladding repairs and replacement prior to full render system application

  • Installation of control joints, (which are commonly not installed to manufacturers recommendations and Aust standards).

  • Localised repairs to render and acrylic coatings.

  • Application of the full render system, including reinforcing mesh, render, texture coating and membrane coating.


R&N Building Services can complete a range of brickwork repairs and construction.

  • Repair and insurance works: impact damage and vandalism to fences and buildings

  • New brick fences in various styles

  • Lintel replacement to buildings

  • Re-pointing of fretting and damaged brickwork

  • Crack stitching and repairs

  • Rising Damp / Damp course Treatment & Installation


R&N Building Services can apply new waterproofing membrane and protective coating systems. We carry out high quality workmanship using only approved standard procedures for preparation and application with appropriate high quality materials.


R&Ns range of waterproofing work includes

  • Balconies and terraces including re-tiling or trafficable finishes

  • Elevated or cantilevered concrete walkways and areas

  • Planter boxes

  • Rendered surfaces, ie; the facade of a building

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R&N Building Services can repair existing steelwork or construct and fabricate new steelwork.

  • Repairs to existing balustrades

  • Construct and install new steel balustrades

  • Construct and install new aluminium balustrades

  • Upgrade/modify existing balustrades to current regulations

  • General steelwork and repairs

  • Repairs to existing tiles

  • Replacement or installation of large areas: foyers, entrances, pathways

  • Tiled balcony and terrace refurbishment including new waterproofing membrane system

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We offer a full painting service, from minor works to full building painting and rejuvenation.

  • High pressure washing of surfaces as part of preparation

  • Small repairs or localised areas

  • Render painting (including repairs if required)

  • Windows

  • Entire buildings including render, brickwork, fascias, gutters and eaves

  • Steel work in enamel or the Dulux Two Pack epoxy coating system

  • Specialised systems such as the Dulux Acratex system.

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Make Safe

R&N Building Services can attend promptly and carry out make safes to property/building repairs.

Occupational Health and Safety Work

R&N Building Services can carry out various work required for OH&S purposes.

  • Installation of bollards and protection bollards

  • Installation of signs

  • Installation of speed humps

  • Line marking

  • General work required for OH&S purposes

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