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R&N services the insurance industry to assess and repair defective building works.
The main cause of defects are poor building practices that do not meet Australian Standards or Manufacturers Specifications, carried out in the initial build.

R&N will assess and devise a tailored solution to ensure your defective building work is rectified to the highest quality, meeting Australian Standards.


Defect Repairs

Leaking and Defective Balconies

R&N can carry out balcony repairs/refurbishments including:

  • Demolition of existing tiles, membrane and screed.

  • Preparation or replacement of the existing substrate.

  • Replacement and/or alteration of windows and doors to ensure an adequate hob is installed so membrane termination/upturn meets Aust Standards.

  • Replacement and/or alteration of surrounding cladding to ensure membrane termination/upturn detail meets Aust Standards.

  • Installation of substrate membrane, screed, top membrane and tiles as required to meet Aust Standards.

Leaking and Defective External Cladding

The main cause of cladding defects is when the cladding was not originally installed to manufactures specifications.

R&N assess and carry out repairs/refurbishment such as:

  • Remove and dispose of existing cladding and building wrap, exposing the frame.

  • Repair and alter the existing frame to suit the installation of the new cladding.

  • Install new building wrap, flashings, capping and cladding to manufacturers specifications and Australian Standards.

  • If required, prepare and paint the new cladding to match existing.

Leaking and Defective Roofs, Box Gutters, Flashing/Cappings & Plumbing
Roof Replacement.jpg

Common leaks and defects occur as the roof and box gutters are not installed to Australian Standards.

R&N will assess and devise a solution which will include repairs and alterations or full replacement, ensuring new repair or replacement work meets Australian Standards.

Leaking Bathrooms, Including Defective Membrane & Tiling

Defective membrane or non existing membrane are the main causes of bathroom leaks.


Also, bathrooms are constructed with many aspects not meeting Australian Standards.

Majority of the time, a bathroom will require full refurbishment to rectify the defect, which R&N can carry out ensuring all works meet Australian Standards.

Consequential Damage Repair

Includes repairing damage caused by the defect, such as:


  • Plaster

  • Skirting boards

  • Architraves

  • Floor coverings

  • Repainting

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