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Remedial Works

Concrete Repairs

When reinforcement steel within concrete rusts, it can expand and force concrete to break away or "spall".  This is also known as concrete cancer. The spalled/damaged concrete can be repaired by treating or replacing the corroded steel and then rebuilding the concrete areas with appropriately modified repair mortars. A protective coating can then be applied to prevent moisture and water ingress.

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R&N Building Services specialises in the treatment and repair of concrete and applications of preventative coatings. 

  • Removal of spalled/damaged areas in a safe and clean manner

  • Cleaning and preparation of areas to an approved standard

  • Treatment or replacement of reinforcement steel to an approved standard and with appropriate materials

  • Rebuilding of areas to an approved standard with appropriate modified repair mortars

  • Application of farring and/or texture coats to repaired areas to blend in with existing finishes

  • Application of remedial and new coatings to prevent moisture/water ingress. Polyurethane or acrylic coatings can be applied with decorative or industrial finishes

  • Application of membrane systems and protective coatings to concrete balconies and walkways

Render Repairs

R&N Building Services can carry out localised render repairs or refurbish full buildings. Render can be applied in various types of products and finishes. We strive to perform repairs to a high quality finish, blending into existing finishes to minimise the look of repairs.


R&N can carry out various Render Repairs:

  • Sand/cement render

  • Acrylic Render coatings

  • Different surfaces, ie; brickwork, blueboard etc

  • Various coatings/texture finishes

  • Repair and/or full refurbishment of damaged/defective lightweight cladding

  • Decorative mouldings, corbels and render

  • Internal hard plaster and plaster

  • Application of protective coatings to rendered surfaces

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Balcony Repairs

Defective membrane or non existing membrane causes the majority of balcony leaks. The main cause of defects are poor building practices (to all aspects of the balcony) that do not meet Australian Standards, carried out in the initial build.

Each balcony can be different - R&N will assess and devise a tailored solution to ensure your balcony is fully refurbished to meet the highest quality and Australian Standards.


R&N can carry out balcony repairs/refurbishments including:

  • Demolition of existing tiles, membrane and screed.

  • Preparation or replacement of the existing substrate.

  • Replacement and/or alteration of windows and doors to ensure an adequate hob is installed so membrane termination/upturn meets Aust. Standards.

  • Replacement and/or alteration of surrounding cladding to ensure membrane termination/upturn detail meets Aust. Standards.

  • Installation of substrate membrane, screed, top membrane and tiles as required to meet Aust. Standards.

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