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Health and Safety

R&N Building Services follow a stringent WHS Policy developed to provide a working environment that is a safe for all employees, clients and the surrounding community. 

All employees at R&N Building Services are trained in safe working practises and procedures and understand the importance of safety in the workplace.


All WHS polices and procedures are regularly viewed and updated when necessary.

Construction workers on work site

R&N Building Services WHS Commitment for every job:

  • To ensure all employees and contractors have been inducted into R&N company WHS training

  • To carry out site specific inductions

  • To carry out a Risk Assessment and relevant SWMS / JSAs as required for every job.

  • To carry out regular site specific WHS toolbox meetings

  • To ensure appropriate barricades/fencing and signs (where applicable) are set up for site safety and to form a (work) exclusion zone.

  • To ensure appropriate height access equipment is used, including a working at heights rescue plan

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