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Cladding Repairs and Replacement

R&N Building Services can perform new render work to buildings and fences, in various finishes.

New cladding:

  • Render application to buildings and fences

  • Application on different surfaces, ie brickwork, blueboard etc

  • Sand/cement render or Acrylic Render finishes

  • Various finish coatings/textures

  • Repair and/or full refurbishment of damaged lightweight cladding.

Cladding Repairs:

R&N Building Services can also carry out localised render repairs to damaged areas on buildings and fences. R&N can also carry out internal hard plaster and plaster repairs.


We strive to perform repairs to a high quality finish, blending into existing finishes to maximise the blending of the repairs.

We repair:

  • Sand/cement render

  • Acrylic Render coatings

  • Different surfaces, ie; brickwork, blueboard etc

  • Various coatings/texture finishes

  • Internal hard plaster and plaster

  • Protective coatings to rendered surfaces

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